Welcome to the Virtual World & Rope

New York City - 2014

After years of silence and obscurity, I have decided to step back into the light -- those who know me understand my aversion to social media and the modern information machine, and how the choice to represent myself in the virtual world as much as in the real world is one with which I am constantly grappling. That said, it does give me great pleasure to talk about what I love. The Arts. Theatre. The power of imagination...

I set out in pursuit of a career in entertainment because nothing else in my life had ever proved to be as rewarding. So in that sense I have been extremely selfish. But in the years of training that have followed, I have learned more about myself, others and the world around me than I ever dreamed I might. I won't say I understand it all, we know that would be foolish--I know that this life is, in it's entirety, designed in a way to teach us lessons. From the day we took our first breath to our final hours when we are forced to stare our mortality in the face, we are learning. How to cope. How to survive. It is in this perpetual state of education that I find my existence most challenging and intriguing.

Every so often an opportunity comes along to learn something new and exciting. In the past that opportunity has taken many different forms: whether it was trying out a very new skill set on an international stage in 42nd Street, or filming my first movie musical, and even using an artist's renderings to create a world, bound only by imagination, on a 60-foot green screen stage. Each project I undertake carries with it the chance for a new realization and growth. At this moment, that project is a play, Rope, by Patrick Hamilton. And with it comes a chance to learn what the world might look like to a wounded, once-soldier, poet facing extreme betrayal by a life-long friend.

His name is Rupert Cadell and I am him...for now. Won't you come watch as my friends and I undertake another great learning opportunity this September? Details about the performance can be found on the COMING SOON page.

Thanks for tuning in and I'll see you all on my next adventure.